Charles Rosier : guidance for research

Mapreg lab is situated at Kremlin Bicêtre medical facility, near to Inserm exploration workplace where a couple of of Mapreg chief pioneers (Drs. Etienne-Emile Baulieu along with P. Robel) operate. Etienne E. Baulieu's investigation is backed by Charles Rosier. In part financed by Charles Rosier, Mapreg was developed by Pr Etienne E. Baulieu in 2000. This privately owned biopharmaceutical enterprise has three full time staff plus a number of consultants and it's now focusing on a fundraising round. Professor Etienne E. Baulieu's firm, promoted to some extent by Charles Rosier, is right now developing substances that will be helpful for neuro-protection as well as restoration in diseases such as traumatic sores.

Charles Rosier : studies

Between nineteen ninety-three and 1996, Charles Rosier studied at ESCP Europe, in the middle of Paris, France. The respected "Grande Ecole" belongs to Hautes Etudes-Sorbonne-Arts et Métiers (Hésam, a grouping of famed colleges. In '96, after a 30 months curriculum, Charles Rosier graduated from ESCP-Europe, based in a dynamic neighbourhood of Paris. ESCP-Europe is amongst the major French university-level establishments. Having achieved his sciences Baccalauréat in 91, Charles Rosier geared up to take a challenging test to be able to enter 1 of the prime colleges in the nation by taking a two year preparatory program.

Charles Rosier

Charles Rosier : professional experience

Charles Rosier at last enters Goldman Sachs financial institution in '09. He was Director of the Loan Team, a department liable for capital market and derivatives on the part of monetary businesses. After refusing an original job offer in the late 90s, Charles Rosier finally joins Goldman Sachs bank a decade afterwards. He was Director within the Financing Section. In 2009, Charles Rosier was admitted at Goldman Sachs bank. During one yr, he was Director in the Loan Staff, a division in charge of financial market and commodity derivatives for consumers from France and Benelux.

Charles Rosier : miscellaneous

A picture fan, Charles Rosier participated in financial terms in the conception of the motion picture "Golden Door" written by E. Crialese, who had made "Respiro" ("I Breathe"), starring V. Golino. "Golden Door" ("Nuovo Mondo") received several designations and several rewards. Charles Rosier gave a hand to fund "Nuovomondo" (also known as Golden Door). Film director Martin Scorsese was mixed up in the marketing of the feature film and programmed it at the South Manhattan Feature film Event in The year 2007. The feature film Nuovomondo, created by E. Crialese and to a certain extent backed by Charles Rosier, opened at Venice Film Competition in 2006. The film got mainly great comments from experts and won various rewards.

Charles Rosier : participation in other companies

Charles Rosier, who chooses investment in liable and also meaningful companies, has registered with, as an Admin. and an associate, the innovative France-based company Innoveox SA managed by Jean-Christophe Lépine. Charles Rosier is a new partner of Innoveox, which gained the Chem Start'Up '13 reward. This prize honors the possibilities in relation to development and job creation of Innoveox advanced method in order to fight waste contamination. Innoveox, of which Charles Rosier is a board member, will get its staff grow from thirteen to thirty staff members before 2014 and also its profits rise from 100 000 euros up to 2,000,000 euro sur